Collie's Personality

In fact, the reason the character of Timmy never did fall deep into a well on the popular 1950's television show was probably because of his Collie Lassie's diligent protection. The famous television star helped her young charge avoid all kinds of horrendous predicaments, and she did so with a cheerful, expectant expression on her face. Collies appreciate looking out for the ones they love. They have an almost uncanny ability to figure out what their owners want and to identify distress in the humans the love. Collies are smart dogs with a natural affinity for humans. Therefore, they most enjoy being around people and keeping a watchful eye out for their human "flock." Collies are gentle and loving around their families, and are especially patient and docile with children, which is probably why Lassie and Timmy built such a strong relationship. The Collie's friendly, alert expression is a characteristic of the breed. These dogs should look intelligent and inviting. They should also be eager to work and eager to please. Shyness or sharpness of temperament is considered a huge fault for Collies in the show ring. Collies are smart, so they learn quickly, but they are also incredibly responsive to their owner's tone of voice. Therefore, training should involve positive motivation and plenty of reinforcement. Once a Collie trusts his owner, he can be convinced to do just about anything.

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