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I have had a few enquries over the last few months for puppies from peoples that have purchased puppies, collies & other breeds, from breeders and for one reason or another have been unhappy with their puppy or their puppy's health.

 I love this breed so much and feel upset with what i am hearing that I feel compelled to have to put some thoughts here for potential owners to read. 

I know most people may have already purchased their puppy and I hope you and your new furkid enjoy a long happy healthy life together.

But for the people that are browsing looking for puppies here are a few pointers for looking for the right breeder.

1. If you have found your breeder request photos and videos of parents littermates and lots of your puppy. With the phones most people have these days there is no excuse for not receiving regular updates and photos of your puppy.

2 if you are within driving distance of the breeder request to visit the kennel before committing yourself. If no visits are allowed ask yourself why!!!! My only stipulation is do not visit another kennel before coming to my place.

Be mindful this is a hobby for most people not a business and respect their pricacy. If you organise a visit make sure you are there when you say you will be there and if you are unable to make it give the breeder plenty of time not 30 mins after your expected time of arrival.

Regardless of excuses given for not allowing visits they are no reasons except they have something to hide. I mean do they not allow anyone to visit delivery people , family, friends i don't think so? The only time I do not allow visitors is actually when we do have baby puppies, less than 7 weeks old as they are still not vaccinated & hence susceptiable to disease.

3 if you are unhappy with the conditions the puppies are kept in walk away. Remember this new family member will be apart of your family for the next 10-15 years.

Is it so important that you get your puppy NOW or is it better to do your research and be prepared to wait for the right puppy to come along?

4 Ensure the breeder you have decided on does the correct health checks. 

5. Why is it important to buy your puppy from breeders that show (This is for all breeds of dogs and cats)?You say to yourself doesn't matter," I dont want a show dog." This is beside the point you are paying good money for a Collie (Rough). Don't you want your puppy to look like a Collie (Rough)? Its not just a fluffy dog with pointed nose.

Breeders that show their dogs are having them accessed on a regular basis against the breed standard so they look like they are supposed to.

Also in order to show a dog it has to have an outstanding temperament. Any dog will feel happy at home not doing much but living the good life but shouldn't we as breeders be testing our dogs temperaments to the highest level to ensure we are breeding from dogs with the best temperaments? The best way to do this is by showing them.

I do know of a few great breeders that don't show anymore but have already done the show scene for many years but because of personnel reasons don't show anymore. I still recommend these breeders.

Its the new breeders that may have gone to a few shows found their dogs or their temperaments cant take it or their dogs don't conform to the standard and then make all sorts of excuses why they dont show.

So ask yourself if I am paying $1500 - $2500 for a puppy do I want one that looks like a Collie (Rough) has the great Collie  temperament and is sound in mind and body? Or am I happy to pay out this amount to a breeder that is just sitting at home producing puppies and not doing anything for the breed?

I have tried to give you some pointers in picking a breeder I have not named names or suggested any breeders in particular. Most people have access to the internet so do your research, check out websites, Facebook pages dog show result sites.

Remember if you receive photos of puppies that are dirty, look unwell or don't look like a collie walk away.

Good luck in your search for your new family member collie make exceptional family pets but be warned one is never enough.


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